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Welcome at miracoloso_icon, this is community for very good icon, or stuff like that from tvshows.
Please do NOT JOIN this community!. If you want join in this community please post HERE AT application post, only really good icons will be accepted. If you are accepted into our community check your invites !
Mods of this community are zone_tone and i_candream.
If you don't want post in this community you can watch this community.
1. When posting, please put a teaser with 3 icons. Everything else should be under a cut. Remember if you have a 'friends only' journal please make your icon post viewable by non-friends.
2. Any icons that are spoilerish or have questionable content must be put behind a cut with a warning.
3. DO NOT post bases, brushes, gradients, textures or stock images. This is not the right place.
4. If you don't get accepted the first time, just re-apply in 2 weeks time
5. Please add tag to your post. Post without tag will be deleted! No tag what you want to use? Write to mods about that.
6. Credit if you take any icon!
7. Please respect the rules.
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